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Steffan Peddie – 99 Problems and the Chips Still Ain’t One

03 February 2017

You bring a problem, Steffan supplies an answer, and lots of laughs along the way!
The show is created entirely from the audience’s suggestions and improvised on the night… it’s a comedy tightrope walk as anything can be happen!

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The Gunge Show

18 March 2017

Afternoons are dead boring now, everyone knows that, even proper stupid idiots. 
So, why not come to this game show what Lee Kyle is hosting? 

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Patrick Monahan – That 80’s Show

31 March 2017

It's the 1980's and Patrick Monahan’s Irish Iranian family arrives in Teesside escaping from the Iran war. Patrick’s memories and reminiscences of being an immigrant to Great Britain make for a unique stand-up show!  ‘That 80’s Show’ takes us through Patrick’s youth with anecdotes that are both hilarious and thought provoking.

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