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Operating Theatre present...

The Sitting Room / For the Best

16 September 2015

A double bill from Operating Theatre who produce thought-provoking drama highlighting health and social issues.
The Sitting Room: Elaine’s niece Annabelle doesn’t think much of her aunt. Just plain selfish as far as Annabelle is concerned.  An old hippy expecting the state to look after you, that’s you, according to Annabelle. But will the state look after her, that’s the question Elaine finds herself asking.  What will things be like in twenty years time for the old peace and love people like her who never bothered about things like pensions….?    

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Human Resources - CANCELLED

23 September 2015 - 24 September 2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team behind Human Resources have made the unfortunate decision to halt work on the production and cancel the planned Edinburgh and touring performances.  We would like to thank our fantastic partners at ARC, DEP Arts, Northern Stage, Summerhall and the venues in the REACH consortium for their ongoing and unwavering support and express our sincere apologies for disappointing any audience members who were planning to come and see the show. 

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Precious Cargo present...

Into Thin Air

01 October 2015

She was doing okay.  She had a good job, a great relationship, a nice little flat with cheap wine in the fridge and expensive cushions on the sofa. She was being everything to everyone and juggling all the things that keep a person afloat.

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Ossett Observer present...

The People's Republic of Poetry

08 October 2015

Celebrate National Poetry Day at A Firm of Poet’s participatory revolution…
A quartet of poets faces the audience; in turn they step up to the mic to perform their poems.  A cross between a poetic super group and ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, the show is fast paced and never the same twice.

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Contender Charlie, China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre present...

Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood

21 October 2015 - 23 October 2015

‘I’ve got keys, to all the doors. I let you in, and if you’re quiet, I’ll let you out again at
the end. Are you ready for this? Do you trust me?’

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Publick Transport present...

We Are Brontë

29 October 2015

We Are Brontë is a piece of comic visual theatre inspired by the real and imaginary worlds of Yorkshire’s literary siblings, presented in Publick Transport’s irreverent style. Physical theatre collides with stand-up, clowning and improvisation as two performers deconstruct not only gothic themes of love, madness, repression and revenge, but also themselves. Part play, part enquiry into the act of putting on a play, this promises to be no ordinary Brontë adaptation.

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OpenWorks Theatre and Company of Angels in association with Derby Theatre present...

And Now: The World!

12 November 2015

We want to be supermodels or get on TV, because otherwise we'll just sit at our computers anonymously hating each other.
And Now: The World! is a story about being young in a digital world; about being a superhero caught in a web; about being able to spend more time with your friends online than face to face.  If your whole life is online, can you start a revolution and stay #ontrend?

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Red Cape present...

Be Brave and Leave for the Unknown

18 November 2015 - 19 November 2015

The lights come up. Faces watch expectantly from the darkness. You straighten your back. You take a breath. Hands poised above the piano keys. You freeze…

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ARC Stockton present...

Going Viral

26 November 2015

Written and performed by Daniel Bye
A new virus has broken out. Everyone in the world starts weeping. What now?
Going Viral is a show about how things spread. Drawing on the science of epidemics, it explores the spread of disease, of panic, of ideas. It shows how our society reacts, and how our connected world makes us all more vulnerable - and more human. But not equally so.

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Box Clever present...

A Christmas Carol

10 December 2015

A new take on Dickens’ atmospheric Ghost Story of Christmas brought to life for modern audiences with Box Clever’s characteristic cocktail of lively action, fun, music and audience participation.

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