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The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

01 May 2014

After 16 years, Kirsten Luckins re-read her India journals only to realise that encountering a former self is just as shocking as getting lost in another culture. ‘The Moon Cannot be Stolen’ takes its title from a zen fable which may or may not be about the search for the authentic self. Let’s say it is. Let’s say that the show is about the same subject. Part dark travelogue, part metaphysical enquiry, inspired by travel diaries re-examined in the cold light of relative maturity - expect poetry, anecdote and even a spot of Tarot-reading. The past really is another country…

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...

Vinegar Tom

08 May 2014

Vinegar Tom is a play set in seventeenth century England which takes us back to a time of superstition, magic and fear. It is a play about witchcraft, persecution and prejudice, which asks us to look at the world we live in now, and question if we have really changed so much in the way that we treat one another.

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...


10 May 2014

by Jez Butterworth
On St George’s Day, the morning of the local county fair, Johnny Byron is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son wants his dad to take him to the fair, and a motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol. Jez Butterworth's Olivier and Tony award winning play  is wildly original. In part a lament about the erosion of country life and in part a rebuff to the antiseptic modern world. Presented by the Drama Department of the University of Sunderland

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...

The Chambermaids

15 May 2014

This production of Kathleen McCreery's play by Sunderland University tells the true story of a group of Grosvenor House Hotel chambermaids. In 1979, they took on Trust House Forte when their Jarrow-born shop steward was unfairly suspended, and they were sacked and evicted. Divided by race, language, religion and culture, the maids found common cause in struggling for their rights as workers, as women, as immigrants and as trade unionists. The script as originally written made use of a number of stylised techniques. They have been modified by the students, with Kathleen's permission and assistance, to fulfill their brief for a realistic production. Kathleen has also made small changes to the script and written several new scenes towards this end. Strong female characters, believable story-telling and a commitment to working together as an ensemble provide a solid foundation for a show that is both humorous and rooted in reality.

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...

The Dolls House

17 May 2014

“I’ve got to do it by myself. And that’s why I’m leaving you.” Henrick Ibsen's play may have been written more than 100 years ago, but the story still has plenty of relevance today. The story of Nora’s escape from a suffocating marriage is both anguished and honest – it provided an honest view of the status of women in European society. Isben’s play shook the foundtations of society when the final act closed during the first performance of ‘A Doll’s House’ in 1877. This performance of ‘A Doll’s House’ is brought to you by the University of Sunderland’s drama and performing arts students. The students have collaborated on the planning, production and presentation of the play. 

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

22 May 2014

This version of one of Shakespeare’s most popular and fantastical plays A Midsummer Night’s Dream is transported into the modern, twisted world of Steampunk. Focusing on the two different worlds and the bizarre confusion of love, the adaptation aims to deliver a riotous display of both comedy and tragedy and prove that the course of love never did run smooth.

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The University of Sunderland Faculty of Arts Design and Media present...

Twelfth Night

24 May 2014

Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare's best loved comedies, explores the theme of love and its impact on human behaviour. The story takes place in the kingdom of Illyria, and centres on a story of mistaken identity, involving a Duke, a beautiful young woman, a cantankerous steward and an apparently indistinguishable brother and sister. The course of true love may one day run smooth, but not during this play. Presented by the Drama Department of the University of Sunderland.

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Shopping and F***cking

29 May 2014

Shopping and F***ing is a witty and shocking look at consumerism, sex and modern youth culture. The play opened at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 1996 and is central to the Nineties movement sometimes called ‘in-yer-face theatre’. In this production, students from the Drama Department at the University of Sunderland offer their take on contemporary culture and its emphasis on buying, selling and stealing whatever you can – whether it be drugs, sex or ready meals.

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The Paper Birds present...


05 June 2014

Multi award winning company The Paper Birds present their critically acclaimed, sell-out show Thirsty.
Based on our nation's love affair with alcohol, Thirsty weaves together real stories, memories and booze-based confessions, collected from a ‘drunken hotline’ and an online questionnaire. Fusing live music, verbatim text and stunning physical theatre, The Paper Birds explore the stories and social repercussions of lost memories and gained traumas, bruised knees, uncontrollable laughter, urine stained beds and sore heads, particularly focusing on the women waving the flag for 'Booze-Britain'.

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Lydia’s House

19 June 2014

The story of the Dolls House Project.
The antique shop, ‘Lydia’s House’ has an unusual workforce in training.  

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ARC Stockton present...

Too Much, Too Young

03 July 2014

Isn’t it daft that we ask teenagers to make really big decisions about their lives? Jack Bennett had to and it’s done him no good whatsoever.  He was going to be a world-renowned musician, but one wrong turn and look at him… a two-bit actor with an identity crisis.

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