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Washington Theatre Group present...

The Swan Princess

13 January 2017 - 28 January 2017

Long ago in a far away land, a baby princess was born. Her skin was as white as a swan, her eyes were as deep as a lake, and her hair was as golden as the sun. They named her Princess Odette, and she was loved by everyone in the kingdom... all but one.

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Théâtre Sans Frontières present...

Heaven Eyes

08 February 2017

Based on the novel by internationally renowned children’s author David Almond (Skellig), Heaven Eyes is a poetic but gritty story about young people trying to find their way in the world. Mysterious, heart-breaking and humourous in equal measure, this story will touch the depth of your soul.

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A RashDash and Northern Stage co-production in association with Soho Theatre present...

Two Man Show

16 February 2017

Men have all the power.
John and Dan keep hearing people say that men have all the power, but it doesn’t feel like that to them.  

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Zendeh present...


02 March 2017

For the first time in ten years Darya, and her father, Roger, meet in the transit lounge of Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
She is living through trauma; he is blinded by privilege. As they reach out to one another, an event a world away impacts their reconciliation.

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09 March 2017

Beatrice, an unlikely heroine in a story of not-so-everyday survival, sits in isolation, waiting for the outcome of a forced mental health assessment. She loved Bowie, the Buzzcocks and the Bay City Rollers back in the day, and now revisits a personal history she only just remembers.

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2Magpies present...


16 March 2017

Ventoux is the most fearsome mountain encountered on the Tour de France.
It is also the story of Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani – whose drug-fuelled race there in 2000 was the greatest cycling had ever seen. Ventoux charts the parallel lives of these champions who overcame great adversity in tandem, and the mountain that cast them in opposing directions.

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