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Washington Theatre Group present...

The Sleeping Beauty

16 January 2015 - 31 January 2015

Washington Theatre Group presents their popular annual pantomime. 
When the evil fairy Carabosse is accidentally insulted by the King and Queen, she puts a terrible curse on their daughter, Princess Aurora, a curse that will take effect on her sixteenth birthday.  Can the curse be lifted in time?  Can good fairy Pam come to the rescue?  Will Aurora ever find love with Prince Florizel?  And will hopeless court jester Muddles ever tell any decent jokes?

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Operating Theatre present...

For the Best

12 February 2015

Louise has a friend. Her name is Brenda, she’s come to care about Brenda a lot. 
Only now Brenda is dead and Louise is heart-broken.  But what makes her really angry is that nobody seems to understand why she’s so upset. Instead, everyone thinks she should stop making a fuss and pull herself together. Because who’s Brenda after all? Just someone she looked after. And anyway, really, perhaps given what Brenda was, maybe it’s all for the best.

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An Open Clasp Theatre Company in collaboration with Frantic Assembly present...

Jumping Puddles

26 February 2015

***Arts Centre Washington date***
Two sisters at war suddenly find their world turned upside down.  As the autumn nights draw in and the rain falls Grace and Anna find themselves trying to stay afloat as they jump from one puddle of emotion to another.  Now the puddle is in danger of becoming a river and Anna fears Grace will be taken by the tide

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Tangled Feet present...

Kicking and Screaming

05 March 2015 - 06 March 2015

Like a tiny bomb exploding in the middle of your life, the baby arrives - and suddenly the world you knew becomes a different place entirely. Nothing will ever be the same again.

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The Paper Birds present...


12 March 2015

***Arts Centre Washington date***
Co-commissioned by and developed at West Yorkshire Playhouse and Greenwich Theatre 
Question: Sally is British and broke. If Britain owes over £900 billion in National debt and Sally has been on minimum wage for most of her working life with the interest on her debt being equal to her monthly outgoings, then who is more broke, Britain or Sally?

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Fertile Ground present...

Fertile Ground: A New Chimera and Shields of Bone

20 March 2015

Inspiring, accessible and dynamic dance performance. The performance will include brand new works by guest choreographers Tom Dale and Eleesha Drennan A New Chimera and Shields of Bone. These pieces will be accompanied by a number of short new works created by the company.

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Theatre Ad Infinitum present...


26 March 2015

***Arts Centre Washington date***
Theatre Ad Infinitum reinvent the timeless Greek myth. One actor. One hour. One man’s epic quest to reunite with his family and seek his bloody revenge. Passionate, highly physical and poignant storytelling brings this breathtaking adventure to life. A journey that will ignite the imagination and awaken the senses…

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Third Angel & Sheffield Theatres present...

The Life & Loves of a Nobody

21 May 2015 - 22 May 2015

Rachel always wanted to be a star
Rachel wanted to run away with the circus
And have her name in lights
And escape from this house

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