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ARC Stockton present...

Going Viral

26 November 2015

Written and performed by Daniel Bye
A new virus has broken out. Everyone in the world starts weeping. What now?
Going Viral is a show about how things spread. Drawing on the science of epidemics, it explores the spread of disease, of panic, of ideas. It shows how our society reacts, and how our connected world makes us all more vulnerable - and more human. But not equally so.

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Box Clever present...

A Christmas Carol

10 December 2015

A new take on Dickens’ atmospheric Ghost Story of Christmas brought to life for modern audiences with Box Clever’s characteristic cocktail of lively action, fun, music and audience participation.

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Washington Theatre Group present...


15 January 2016 - 30 January 2016

Washington Theatre Group present their popular annual pantomime.
Tickets £4

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Operating Theatre present...


04 February 2016

Zoe, a young woman who has fallen through the cracks and has a fierce love of the outdoors… well ok, hanging around the park with her mates getting wasted! She’s part of a self-help group called Squirrels.

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M6 present...


13 February 2016

A tadpole catching competition challenges a superhero duo to overcome rivalry and harness their strengths. Working as team, can they save the world…together?

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ABBA - As Good as New

26 February 2016

A theatrical tribute to the greatest pop act in the world!
Abba's music is as vibrant today as it was back in the seventies and Gimme Gimme Gimme have been performing their tribute to the band for over 14 years.

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Cap-a-Pie present...

The Town Meeting

03 March 2016

Your town is teetering on the brink. Imminent destruction looms and time is running out to have your say…
Welcome to our town, a small, remote, picturesque mining town.

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Baby Love Productions present...

Baby Love

21 April 2016

Shelley and Darren sing sixties songs to declining crowds in North Eastern club-land.  It may be all Sonny and Cher onstage, but offstage the cracks are starting to show.  Shelley’s need for a baby is taking her over as Darren refuses to make a commitment. They love each other but can they work it out? After all, even the Beatles split up in the end! 

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